Our Site Rules

These are our site rules, and we expect everyone (staff included) to adhere to them at all times.

1. Don’t Be Mean.
This means that you can’t harass the other players in anyway, period. This isn’t just sending nasty messages either. Gossiping about someone negatively in the discord, or using the forum to post defaming information, any accusations against them, and especially any personal information on the other person. If someone has blocked you, you may not ask another user to contact them on your behalf.
If someone is being a jerk, do not engage with them. Contact staff.

2. The Site and Its Discord May Not Be Used for Illegal or Extremist Content.
Further, we ask that you do not discuss whatever illegal activities you may or may not get up to, including drug use. This includes having underage characters in sexual situations, period.

3. Save the Pretending for Your Characters.
When you are posting in character that is the only time you should be in character.
The out of character sections are not for being in character. This includes the Discord.

4. Do Not Make Duplicate Accounts.

We only allow one account per user, no alts, and no sharing of accounts.
If you make more than one, we may choose to ban all accounts except one or all accounts.
This will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

5. Do not Share Your Personal Information.
Any personal information found on the site will be deleted. No exceptions.

6. Report People Breaking the Rules.

We can’t see all the things. If you see someone breaking a rule, let us know.

In Character Rules

Follow the Site's Rating

We use the rating system found on rpgrating.com; our rating is 3-2-2.

This means that swearing and mature language is permitted. Sexual content is permitted, but with limitations. There will be no cybering, no blatantly pornographic imagery, and any sexual situations must further the plot. Explicit Violence is permitted, but again content must further the plot and not be the sake or gore or violence, or designed to specifically abuse, gross out, or disturb other users.


Fictional Characters Only
Celebrities are people too. If you wouldn’t want someone to roleplay you, why would you roleplay someone else?

Absolutely NO Godmodding or Power Playing
This just ruins the fun for every one else. If you can’t be defeated, or are impossible to defeat, you are power playing. If you make another player’s character do something, or be somewhere, you are godmodding.

Use Your Best Grammar and Spelling.
We understand that English isn't everyone's native language, but please don't use 'txtsp3k' or 'emojis' instead of words.

All Posts IC Must Be in Third Person

As a refresher: First person uses first person pronouns. (We, our, ourselves, I, my, mine, etc.) Second person uses the ‘you’ perspective. Third person is where the people are being talked about (he, him, his, himself, she, her, hers, herself, it, its, itself, they, them, their, theirs, and themselves).

In Character Must Be Limited to IC ONLY Areas
These are very clearly labeled. We want to get to know you and not a character.

Out of Character Must Stay in OOC.
If you need to make one for your RP that’s fine, but keep your out of character posts there. It ruins the immersion otherwise and disrupts the RP.