Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is RP.. don’t you guys use dice or something like that?
Well you can! We don’t here, but lots of people use dice to roleplay, or RP as we tend to just call it. There’s a lot of different types of RP out there. Her we primarily do forum based RP, or we roleplay in forums. We also have some chat RPers, and some of our members do tabletop RP, like Dungeons and Dragons, or even LARP, which is live action role play.

I think I may have seen your stuff before… weren’t you on <site>?
Oh sure, probably! Or someone who had a similar idea may have been. Most of us are veterans of multiple sites and styles. We’ve migrated all over the place over the years. Many of use may even be on more than one site at a time, playing in similar settings on each site, maybe even in the same setting entirely.

Do you allow <blank> RPs?
We allow any roleplay that’s within our rules and within our site’s rating. Information on that can be found on our rules page

Why do you use the RP rating system? Wouldn’t it just be easier to say 18+ or something else?
It probably would be easier, but we decided a more precise rating system would work better. This way we can offer the greatest freedom to our users in their RPs.

Are you affilated with any other site? Do you accept affiliations?
We are not! As of right now, we’re not accepting affiliations either. We’re currently small and still getting our feet under us, so that’s not something we’re seeking out right now.

Okay, I looked at your stuff.. It seems pretty cool. How do I get involved?
Make a username and introduce yourself. We’re pretty active on the discord, so drop in there and give us a shout. After that, you just have to ask the players to join in a roleplay, or start your own on the site!